Port Clerk Salary in Kenya 2020

Port Clerk Salary in Kenya

This article highlights a port clerk salary in Kenya in 2020. If you are looking for a position of a port clerk and you don’t seem to know how much a port clerk earns, then this article is for you. Before we proceed, we have to understand who a port clerk is.

Job Description: Port Clerk


A port clerk works in a port that manages shipments to and from foreign countries, especially Mombasa and Kisumu.

Port clerks have the mandate of managing data for international shipments and providing support for many steps in the transportation process.

They work with customs agents, warehouse staff, shipping companies, and clients. Clerks help with shipping, receiving, and record-keeping for international transactions.

Most of their working day is spent in an office atmosphere as they verify that all documentation adheres to import-export policies and laws.

Port Clerk Salary in Kenya

A port Clerk earns a salary of between KES 22,000- KES 45,000 per month allowances included. Salary depends mainly on the work experience one has. Don’t expect to be paid more especially when starting out.

Career Outlook

Sadly, with the evolution and advancement of technology, especially on the ports, the port clerk positions are expected to decline in the next ten years. Therefore, to stay on course, one is required to cope up with the technological trends.

Qualifications of Port Clerk

  1. Computer literate
  2. Diploma qualification in the Clearing and forwarding field or any other relevant fields

Responsibilities of a Port Clerk

  1. Following up Shipping Lines
  2. Loading containers
  3. Removal of units
  4. Removing of containers
  5. Verification of units
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.Critical Skills of a Port Clerk

  1. Ability to operate warehouse machinery such as forklifts
  2. Detail-oriented and multitasking skills
  3. Excellent organization and administrative skills
  4. Exemplary customer care skills
  5. Good analytical and problem-solving skills
  6. Integrity and leadership skills
  7. Strong computer skills
  8. Strong interpersonal and communication skills

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